NYC Fusion Hair Extensions

We are the best hair salon in NYC for Fusion Hair extensions. We have been doing fusion hair extension methods for over 20 years. We offer the most Fusion Methods in our NYC, NY salon and we have the most experienced stylist.

Fusion is the process of fusing hair extensions in small amounts to different parts of the hair around your head. Fusion Extensions can be done if you are looking to add volume to your hair, are adding length to your hair.

Fusion hair extensions can be either Hot Fusion extensions or Cold Fusion hair extensions, and also our NYC hair salon uses methods like Laser Fusion, Flux Fusion, and more as different methods to apply fusion hair extensions. Fusion is great for hair extensions for thinning hair and extensions for thin hair.

Our NYC salons are experts when it comes to all of the different fusion methods. That is why in the NYC, NY area, visit our salon is a must if you want the best 100% Remy Human fusion Extensions that are available in the NYC area!

Some popular brands are Great Lengths, Lux Hair, Hair Dreams, and Balmain for fusion hair extensions. We do all the main brands and countless others in NYC that are only found in our NYC hair salons. That is why we have done more fusion extensions than the next 10 other salons combined!

So if in NYC on vacation, work, or if you live here, and you want the best extensions found in NYC, visit our world class hair salon, and we will help find which 100% Human Fusion Hair Extension type is going to be best for your hair.